Community is everything. The cause closest to my heart has been helping children and adults with disabilities flourish in Chania. We dedicate our 2 Mazi line of wines to support a local school for children with disabilities and in October of 2016, we launched the #RespectLife campaign. The purpose of #RespectLife  is to raise awareness of the problems that people with mobility issues face when trying to get around Chania and Greece in general. This campaign led to the creation of the short film “My Brother” which was launched in December of 2018 and quickly went viral, reaching over 9 million views in just 3 days. Not only have we started the conversation around this issue here in Greece, but slowly we are helping to educate the younger generation on the importance of considering everyone in the community. The Drama Film Festival will be showing our short film in schools around Greece and creating awareness in an impactful way.

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My Brother